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The Art of Your Business

It’s no coincidence that at Picture Window I choose to present a significant portion of my client design work on canvas; proper block-mounted, and clearly with that canvas weave - and saturated with the colours of the client and the project. I’ve long been a believer in having the same style of cues around us in our places of work as we would have in the home - and even in our very grandest notions of the home. Not the same content, okay, but the same physical cues, and, yes, even similar executions to what we would collectively categorise as ‘art’.

Too often, still, the mainstays of the office, the workplace décor, are the thin and angry metal fall-aparts and the bank-foyer bolted panes of acrylics. Neither are semiotically sympathetic to humans being… human - defined by our quest for positive emotional experiences. In the world of semiotics, canvas helps the signals and the sense of art along in spades - which in turn helps us to receive messages in (and I use the word deliberately) ways which are nice. The message - your organisational line - may not change at all, but the medium and therefore the appropriateness of the delivery and the success of its acceptance can.

Strong Words (as the old Caffrey’s Ale advert used to go), Softly Spoken. Think about the medium and the materials that carry the messages in your organisation - and speak to us at Picture Window if you suspect there could just be another, nicer, way.

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