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Big-up the Ultimate Endgame of Your Business

Well it’s all fine and dandy for consumer-facing brands… and I should know, I worked on a bulging portfolio of them for many, many years. By which ‘fine and dandy’ I mean the whole business of bigging-up the ultimate enjoyment that’s had by the end-user… the very end-user. For business-to-business brands there’s arguably so much less everyday enjoyment to be brought to life in communications; to be depicted, to be celebrated. Let’s face it, we’ve all been bamboozled by and excluded from those airport adverts that trumpet services we simply don’t know, don’t need, or don’t care whether we don’t need or… well, you get the idea. Suppliers of Blah to the Blah-Blah Industry. Terminal advertising with messages that terminate at destinations where we - people - do not live our lives. Which sounds rather dismissive, but it’s making the point that the choice exists to speak only as That Supplier, or to come out and claim your rightful slice of the ultimate endgame by the way you present yourself visually, with the colours, cues and codes of the category you have every right to champion.

I’m a fan of the supply chain leapfroggers; the cheeky queue-jumpers and those who know the tale ‘for the want of a nail…’

When we recently worked on the brand positioning and brand identity of a company specialising in reservation software systems, our goal was to clear a visual path to the joy of the final delivered experience (in this case a holiday, no less!), and to celebrate the fact that the systems make that happen as a direct and get-able connection. Service-led and ‘backstage’ ventures don’t have to lurk in the shadows, or hide their light under the bushel of what the tradeshow expects. They can choose to communicate with a pride and a passion for the moment of truth - for the brand in the hand - and big-up their making that happen.

If you recognise that your business, your part in the chain, is feeling like the dullest link, speak to Steve at Picture Window, and tap into our understanding and belief that it’s everyone’s business to big-up their connection to the consumer.

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